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Diamond Siding Boards

Diamond siding boards are natural wood substitute, are suitable for both indoor and outdoor decorations and support various applications. With the modern "Autoclave" production technology that is free from asbestos, this results in an environmental-friendly product. For primary constituents, this is produced from Portland cement, natural fibers fine-grain sands. The product features attractive and durable wooden texture, exhibiting high tolerance to all types of weather, non-shrinkable, safe from termites and weevils; and available in different colors. With superior quality and distinctiveness than real wood, the product also helps to preserve the natural environment.

Special Properties
  • The result from unique research and design is wood pattern with a naturally resembling dimension, equipped and perfected for pattern and texture.
  • With modern “Autoclave” production technology, contributes for Diamond siding boards to become products of high quality and value for usage.
  • Resistant to all types of weather, can be installed both indoor and outdoor, with the characteristic of non-contraction or expansion and no twisting deformation.
  • Produces various form of outputs, such as wall panels, fences, flower pots, and garden table, etc.
  • Heat resistant, fire stop.
  • Nontoxic, environmental –friendly.
  • Easy to wipe clean