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Diamond board - Ceiling and ventilation board

Diamond boards have been developed with asbestos-free formula, to answer to the demand for modern design and decoration, and facilitate the application and adaptation to different sections of a building, both indoor and outdoor; features long service life, good tolerance to sunlight, rain; dense compact texture, non-brittle, safe from termites and weevils, resistant to fracture from expanding/shrinking; suitable for application in various decoration and style as desired.

Special Properties
  • "Autoclave" curing system technology by using high-pressure steam strong resistant to all kinds of weather
  • Resilient texture dense suitably bend for various works
  • Install easily conveniently fast for both wooden and steel structures
  • Able to install indoors and outdoors
  • With the variety of thickness, it can be used for ceilings, walls and floor works
  • Heat resistant and fire retandant
  • Easily to paint and decorate, safe from being eaten by temistes

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